Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 was inspiring.

What inspired me in 2010...

Grady, Brock, and Mac--They inspired me to be a better wife and mother everyday.

Teddy and Bea--THE PUGS! You haven't seen love until you've seen the boys in my house hug a pug.

Our vet, Lance Hirsch--We spent quite a bit of time at the vet this year due to Munson's ailing health and acquiring new pups. The day we lost Munson was such an emotional one for the boys and I. Grady was out of town and it couldn't wait. Lance gently held the boys' hands, explained the life of a dog and how Munson's life would peacefully slip away. He showed great compassion as he taught the boys about the circle of life that Saturday morning. Thumbs up for the compassionate and sincere caregivers of humans and our pets.

My Girlfriends--They made me laugh my bottom off everyday and laughter does a body good!

Yoga--I got a taste of this physical and spiritual practice which I hope to devote more time to in 2011. It truly stretched not only my physical self but my mind as well. 

The Gym--This was the year I finally added a weight circuit to my workouts. This made me feel strong, and somedays I even felt like a bad-ass.

Blogs--There were lots of beautiful pictures, words of wisdom, and everyday stories of Moms and their families out there. I was lucky enough to peek into the lives of these bloggers. I found lots of comfort and support in sharing professional and mundane experiences with other mothers and now new found friends in the blogosphere. 

Rosalie Davis and Betsy Robinson, my instructor at The Schenck School and Mac's former tutor--if either or both of these amazing women are willing, I think I found a mentor for the new year. Betsy worked miracles with Mac, helping him find his confidence, and I've since watched her do it with several other children--what a gift! Rosalie helped me find a passion I never knew I had--1. wanting to sit in a classroom and learn something foreign (how to teach Dyslexics to read), and 2. the desire to explore new opportunities in the new year. 

Books--I didn't read as many as I wanted to, but nontheless, I was drawn to a number of memoirs. Reading the stories of folks who faced huge life challenges and how they coped gave me lots of inspiration. I already visited my favorite bookstore today and added 3 new memoirs to my library. 

Music--I sure hope one of the kids wants to play something musical one day because I find lots of inspiration in music--whether it's country, blues, folk or pop, I love (and am lucky) to work from home and play what I like to hear. There might be guitar lessons in the new year for me. We'll see if I can get to that. Be thinking of a good country music pseudonym for me. 

The Santa Shop--I found the inspiration to hopefully help even more of the underprivileged in our community next year, by sharing with them this year at St. Martins School and Church.

I know I am leaving things out. 

Mostly, I think I found inspiration in the little things every day--a freshly lit candle, a full CLEAN basket of laundry that was folded, a freshly vacuumed van, a fire in the fireplace, and dinners where we were all at the table together. 

Here's hoping 2010 will melt into 2011 tonight with Grady and I giving thanks for the good health of our family and friends. The following quote from Mark Twain is going to stay next to my desk this year to keep those resolutions in check. 
To whoever is reading this, I wish you peace in 2011. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Baby it's cold outside!!!
That's 21 degrees in case you are thinking you need to go get your reading glasses----21!!

 It should really be quite illegal to be the one that has to drive carpool on these mornings--though I am spoiled and have the heated front seats so after about 7 minutes I am roasty toasty. The gas gauge does read Empty though and quite frankly I am completely sexist. It's a man's job to keep the tank filled. I might have to indulge and go to full service lane today. 

There's a few folks who are staying warm around here.....
 The Christmas mice were warm enough to indulge in peppermint milkshakes before our "ELF" screening last night.
 On a random note, after much arguing and cussing at strings of white lights yesterday, we have lights!!