Monday, February 15, 2010

He's a keeper

Best Valentine's day reservations ever.....
The other day I heard Brock making a reservation for two on February 14th at 8:00 fireside at Le Chateau Thrasher. He was disappointed to hear you have to make reservations at least two weeks out, but fortunately Grady said he'd pull some strings and get us in. It helps to be sleeping with the chef. Grady pulled out all the stops on this meal. Here's the chef getting you can see he had a little help from Julia....

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At then at 8:00 dinner was served....Bon app├ętit...

Sorry you missed the pix of the sea scallops and the souffle....I was busy licking the vanilla bean sauce off the plate and then during dessert I couldn't let the ice cream melt so there was no way I could hold the camera at the same time. Do you think Le Chateau Thrasher is full next weekend?

Monday, February 1, 2010


Pure satisfaction.
Visited my local laundromat with 4 coverlets and 5 comforters and 7 pillow shams. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting on top of a washer watching 4 commercial size washers wash all your stuff at the same time---except possibly eating the delightful chocolate iced sour cream donut and coffee next door while you are waiting to turn over the next load. Spring cleaning is done--a little early--check. ahhh-the little things. I am thankful for commercial washers, dryers, and the sweet little Asian man who loaned me his deck of cards to play solitaire while I waited---I was trying to keep from going back to Dandy Donuts for the 2nd donut.