Monday, February 1, 2010


Pure satisfaction.
Visited my local laundromat with 4 coverlets and 5 comforters and 7 pillow shams. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting on top of a washer watching 4 commercial size washers wash all your stuff at the same time---except possibly eating the delightful chocolate iced sour cream donut and coffee next door while you are waiting to turn over the next load. Spring cleaning is done--a little early--check. ahhh-the little things. I am thankful for commercial washers, dryers, and the sweet little Asian man who loaned me his deck of cards to play solitaire while I waited---I was trying to keep from going back to Dandy Donuts for the 2nd donut.


Darby said...

This makes me so happy... do you KNOW how many times I've asked Justin if I can just getaway to the laundry mat with ALL my laundry... I can load it all in at the same time and finish 8 loads at the SAME time!!!! SO glad you got all your bedding done--- I desperately need to do the same!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for making the daily chores sound like fun!

Maryanne said...

I would've gone for the second donut for sure. Glad you're blogging again!