Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things I love.....(not necessarily in order)

A sense of humor on St. Patrick's Day
A soft side
Snowballs in my freezer in March
Acoustic sunrise
The smell of good coffee
My Keurig coffee pot G gave me for Christmas
Rock Band at the Snyders
Brock telling me, "Wow Mom--you can REALLY talk! Sometimes it's so annoying." (I don't have to tell anyone the apple doesn't fall for from the tree)
That Mac puts my kisses in his pocket to save for later
My family's generous spirit
Hearing from old friends
Acolytes at church
My i-phone (can't believe I'm admitting that)
Jazz in the kitchen
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Beach
Mom coming to visit
Handwritten Letters
Long dinners
Long runs
Long playlists of Norah Jones
Sun-kissed kids
The sound of the washer and dryer and dishwasher running simultaneously
Patient school teachers
High thread count sheets
A new can of tennis balls

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