Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Summer lovin' had us a blast--
Summer lovin' happened so fast.
Me, the Mom, crazy was me--
Met some boys--cute as could be.
Summer days driftin' away to oh, oh, the summer nights....

Tell me more, tell me more.....
The Thrasher Summer. It was magical. It went too fast. We were surrounded by dear friends and family. We were spoiled. I could go on about beach breezes, glassy lakes, rolling meadows and pastures, crickets chirping.....God is good.



Darby said...

Love it all... what a wonderful recap, Amanda!!!

Miki said...

FABULOUS !! Thanks for sharing your summer days with us !!

Adrienne said...

Great pictures Amanda! Hope the boys are enjoying school and that you are all well.