Sunday, September 11, 2011


September 11, 2001 Memorial

Most of us thought about where we were 10 years ago today and probably shed a tear or two. I asked myself what good things have happened in the last 10 years and I came up with the following....

Brock and Meme 

Grady and Mac

And look how far they've come in 10 years.


Miki said...

Great post !!! a good ten years for our family !!!thank you !

Grandgrady and Kathy said...

Wonderful photos! And, yes, our family has been uncommonly blessed over the past ten years.

We love and thank you.

Grandgrady and Kathy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! You have captured the warmth that holds our family together. We are so fortunate!

Thank you, and much, much love,
LeeLee and PopPop