Thursday, November 20, 2008

20 reasons that made me happy I didn't beat the kids to a pulp today....

1. my boys eating marshmallows this morning in honor of Uncle Bill's birthday.
2. my Ugg slippers Grady gave me last year. 
3. My hand-me-down Levi's from Chandra.
4. filling up my van for $1.79/gallon at QuikTrip.
5. walking Munson around the block.
6. my clean house. (Thanks Gwen.)
7. seeing Shelby and Kate perform in the 3rd grade school play at St. Martins.
8. my new 2009 calendar
9. my Mom's chicken white bean chili
10. my crockpot
11. my ENTIRE family all ate the same thing for dinner and all ENJOYED it. (WoW!! The kids are maturing or I'm getting a backbone.)
12. the pile of decorating magazines Shannon gave me.
13. a phone call from Susanne
14. a 4.5 mile run
15. cleaning the lint out of the dryer
16. ordering pumpkin bread from my friend, Jarrett.
17. the kids coming home from school "lice free" (there's an almost epidemic at school)
18. seeing that they still sell "feetie" one piece jammies at Target
19. bowling shoes
20. successfully making it through the day without beating the kids to a pulp. (I actually started writing this post about 7:30 tonight when I thought if my kids were any whinier, needy, etc. I would beat them to a pulp. Decided if I reminded myself of all the good things today, I wouldn't beat them.)

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Grady said...

You rock babe!

The Husband