Monday, November 24, 2008

Running on Empty?

Are you a "panic manic?"
Are you a "worrier?" 
Or do you like to live on the edge? 
This is an unscientific poll to find out where I lie in the midst of you all. 

1. Can you not get to a gas station fast enough if you are about 3/4 of the way to EMPTY? 
2. Do you wait until the light comes on and then briskly get to the nearest gas station? 
3. Do you have your own personal olympics going on how long can you go until you absolutely are riding on fumes and then you have no choice but to find gas and quick? 

I think I am a #2. when it comes to GAS, but toilet paper is a whole different issue. When we are running low (meaning I don't see any t.p. in the basket behind the toilet), I have a wave of anxiety which overtakes me and makes me want to go to Costco to buy toilet paper in bulk. 

Yesterday was one of those days, and not having the energy to do Costco, I ran up the street to Kroger and immediately bought a 24 pack of Cottonelle and a gallon of milk. (I was soooooo excited they were stocking the egg nog, but I refrained. You can't buy egg nog until AFTER Thanksgiving, but it's good to know it's there.) 

When I came home Mac asked me if he could help with the groceries. I said, "Certainly. I need you to put 8 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom." 

Note the picture---this is what I found in the 1st bathroom. Count the rolls on the t.p. tower. I have delighted in his creativity for the last 24 hours. 

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful we have a good supply of t.p. at our house and a 5 year old that knows how to count it. 

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Lee said...

Hey Amanda,
You have a gift for finding the fun and funny in everyday life. I love your view. And Mac, as I wals walking out of the grocery store, I thought of your great toilet paper tower! You are fun.