Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis' the season

I'm going to be completely honest----I don't DREAD it, but I don't really look forward to it---the whole tree thing, lights, decor, everything. it's soooooooo much work. I really have to do it by myself. Anyway, I ALWAYS love the outcome, but the process is tiresome. I know you can relate.

Sooooo, if you've eve needed a little "oomph" to get you in the Christmas spirit---FIND A 5 year old. Find your own, borrow one, steal one, adopt one, whatever it takes to get a 5 year old and take he/she to pick out a Christmas tree. Mac ("THE" resident 5 year old in my house) , grabbed his Santa hat an we headed to Lowe's to get a tree this afternoon. I think this year was THE BEST tree buying year EVER!!

Christmas is about managing expectations. Nothing is perfect. In my perfect world---my husband, my two boys and I would all skip off to a North Georgia tree farm singing carols and cut down our "perfect" tree, all the while sipping hot chocolate and egg nog lattes, taking our Christmas card picture, ETC. 

But I've managed to manage my expectations. Mac and I went tree shopping because Brock was at a friends' house and Grady was at work. I knew if I had both kids, a husband, a camera, coffee, ETC. I would definitely have whining, spilled milk, someone so rudely on their phone, someone who had to potty, was hungry, etc, (you get the picture). 

We picked out the 1st tree we saw.  We went inside to get tree lights. Mac could have instantly qualified to be a Lowe's employee. At a moment's notice he was able to tell me ALL 200 benefits to owning the SANTA and ME SEE SAW and everything else in our path. 

Manage your expectations. Put up your tree. Happy 1st week in December!


Maryanne said...

Love your resident 5 year old. Great pic!

Pam A. said...

Love this story...especially since I was feeling EXACTLY as you were before the whole shabang got lugged down from the attic (by yours truly) and the tree got bought. Once I enlisted MY resident 5 year old, who thought it such a privilege to detangle and hold the unending strings of lights as I searched for precisely the proper boughs upon which to encircle them, I realized what fun we were having. I had one of my favorite people to keep me company and since I had to stifle my urge to utter swear words under my breath, my mood was decidely more upbeat than if I'd been left to my own devices!!