Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do Something Good Everyday!

I really don't  have time to blog today, but I couldn't get started on my list until I shared with yall. I knew a Starbucks would get me going this morning, but it was 32 degrees out, I was in my jammas and my Starbucks doesn't have a drive-thru. I went out of my way down Peachtree so i could do the drive-thru. There were cars everywhere, coming from both drive ways offthe side street, off Peachtree---It was a zoo. I managed to get in line pretty quickly without a fender bender and looked up and saw a gal pull in off Peachtree (her car was actually half in the street). She should have been about the 19th car in line due to when she pulled in--- but I thought if I don't let her in she might have an accident. She also might need a latte as much as I do. So, I cringed (b/c I knew the folks behind me would blast me for letting her in), and I let her in anyway. Finally got to the window to p/u coffee and the barista handed me this cute stationery you see in the picture and told me the car in front of me had paid for my coffee. I, in turn paid for the guy behind me. Call me hormonal. Call me crazy. I've been crying all morning, but patronize your local Starbucks. Their flippin' motto is "DO SOMETHING GOOD EVERYDAY." It's on their front door and on their receipts.
p.s. Can you get over the fact the girl that paid for my coffee just happened to have a charming piece of stationery in her car? 


Paula said...

I have heard of this happening at Starbucks across the country. What makes it so great is that she had such cute stationary in her car. I would have been writing on a gas station receipt!!

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we took that pay it forward mentality everywhere we went!

Jackie Brantley said...

love your blog friend! when we talk, i always feel like i'm less crazy than i thought i was, so it will be good to hear from you more often! i'm just now figuring out how to let people subscribe to my blog for gifts on a mission - hope i've got it right. but i've got yours saved!

Darby said...

love it! how awesome!

Amanda Thrasher said...

i've gotten addicted to this blogging thing so if you have tips to getting it right please share.