Monday, December 8, 2008

Just another manic Monday

I almost quit Christmas this weekend due to Christmas tree lights. In my Sunday school class yesterday, we talked about "love absolutely everything that ever happens in your life." Paul Cantalupo. I feel sure Paul wasn't talking about putting lights on a Christmas tree when he said this. After cussing the tree, cussing the lights, I finally finished this morning and I have to say it is ONE good looking lighted tree. Of course I'm so exhausted now, it may never have ornaments on it, but it is well lit!! 

So to keep me in the Christmas spirit I want to remind myself of all the things I LOVE about this time of year. Think of what you enjoy and push the things that stress you out onto the "I'll worry about that tomorrow" pile. 

1.The Christmas Mice at our house.
2. Now that it's cold, Brock sleeping under my "little girl" purple blanket.
3. Hot chocolate and Charlie Brown Christmas on the couch.
4. My mom's white bean chicken chili.
6. Our gas log fireplace
7. My husband taking the trash out (he doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to tell him I blogged about it.)
8. Brock reading the Advent lesson after Mac lights the Advent candle at dinner.
9. getting a mailbox full of Christmas cards, mainly the ones with pix of kids and dogs. 
10. Mac wanting to plant a Christmas tree in our backyard so we can give it to someone who can't buy one.

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