Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girlfriends ROCK!!!!

This is what was on my doorstep yesterday--a complete surprise!!

Not half as surprising as what was on the inside---look at all of my FAV "happys."

I think I've mentioned this before, but I have some of the best friends ever!! I know these amazing women that have figured out I have lots of s_ _ _ going on in my life. The amazing thing about them is they have just as much s _ _ _  as I do, but it doesn't hamper their happy spirits. They just find ways to spread more happy spirit and I am thankful. There's nothing better than a "happy bag." So, when I am done reading every last page of all my favorite mags and these fabulous books, I am going to recycle the happy bag and deliver it to the next girlfriend that needs a pick-me-up. Love you girls!!!


erika @ urban grace said...

SO FUN!!!!! What great friends! Aren't surprises the best!?

Darby said...

how absolutely fabulous. i love love love that idea! you are one lucky girl!