Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Much ado about laundry

There's a lot of talk about laundry around here ALL the time. I mean ALL the time! Did I say all the time?

I seriously am thinking of a new career---Head Laundress. I think there's a market for it.

For crying out loud---I gather it. I frown at it. I accumulate it. I tackle it. I re-arrange it. I sort it. I fold it. I re-locate it. I put it away. I repeat.

I now estimate that after successfully managing my own laundry and the laundry of my family and friends, I have washed and folded approximately 12012 loads! 22 years of laundry at 52 weeks a year at an average of 1.5 loads a day equals 12,012 loads. Surely, when applying for said Head Laundress position I would have the equivalent of an MD, JD, MBA, Phd in experience. How could I get passed over?

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Robert said...

Gosh, there is a lot of useful material here!