Thursday, March 24, 2011

Real Simple thoughts on laundry

It's interesting that not only my friends and I incessantly talk about laundry but Real Simple has a stand on it as well. Some interesting tips in the linked article.

What kills me is one of the author's brilliant suggestions: have a stain stick in every child and spouse's hamper so when the clothes are put in hamper--the owner of said clothes can go ahead and treat the stain preventing stain from soaking in for two days.

I don't know what planet her spouse and kids are from? Maybe she's married and has another WIFE!!

Anyway there are some good tips, but even more interesting comments from Real Simple readers at the end of the article. One reader actually brags she's a laundry bad-ass. She has 5 kids and says "is laundry really that hard for you people." You people? She must employ the services of a Laundress. Maybe I can be her 2nd Laundress when her 1st one reads about her making "light" of laundry and quits.

For now I will just lust for this laundry room. can you imagine sitting on top of one of these babies while on the spin cycle?


Anonymous said...

I love that laundry room. I had a friend in Macon with a room like that AND a lady in there ironing and folding 15 hours a week. I would walk by, and she would look up from the ironing and smile at me. I used to think that was the oddest thing I had ever seen. (pre-kids) Now I think of of her wistfully, imagining how fulfilled she would be at my house.Excuse me.. there is a buzzer going off.... Joy

Amanda Thrasher said...

Isn't it funny Joy?? I will admit (pre-kids) I had asinine opinions about things. I was judgmental. i was impatient but the kids gave me countless gifts. Laundry is one of the many.

Leo said...

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